Mac & Cheese Bakeoff

The Granite State Dairy Promotion Mac and Cheese Bakeoff was held right on schedule. On the morning of Saturday, January 16 the weather became a driving  nightmare as we travelled up Rt. 93. Snow, rain, sleet, ice; everything you do not want when driving in below freezing temps. It did not stop the crowds though as 500 people were through the door at an hour and a half into the event.

My entry, "Luck O' The Irish for Tom" did not place this year. I analyzed this fact on the ride back and came to a culinary conclusion. It was the right sauce for my mac and cheese, however (in my opinion) it was too heavy on the corned beef that was incorporated into it. There were plenty of rave reviews but not enough votes. After all it is an election year. Should have started to campaign earlier!