Cheetos Museum

Cheetos Museum - I found this contest by chance. I really don't go looking for things that are this bizarre but the more I read about it on a package of Cheetos the more I thought - why not? Due to the fact that there is big money tied to this I went ahead and bought several bags of the Cheetos. After looking through two bags and making sure my contest entries weren't eaten by accident, I came up with three that I entered. In making it a little unique I added the art part to make it better. The key is that the winners every week until August 15 are chosen by the viewing public. Lay's potato chips did something similar and now Cheetos are stirring things up. It's crazy! But like I said there is BIG money attached. So vote for Eleanor Roosevelt, Man on the Moon or my Bucky Beaver. Go to the Cheetos Museum and vote! Thank you!

Debbie Curtin

Cheetos Museum -