The difference is I lie for a reason.

The difference is I lie for a reason.

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Today you call the number that is flashing on your computer. Something is wrong you say and you need help with the malware fix. I talk to you as if I know all about your concerns. “I am here to help.” The phone call you place to our “office”, prompts my immediate tone of empathetic understanding with an offer to help remedy the situation. It doesn’t take me long to know you are not computer savvy. As we chat and become comfortable in the dialog I have engaged you in, I now sense you have let your guard down. I provide prompts to you as you unlock the computer to give me access. “I am here to help”, I repeat in a bold face lie.

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As the time goes by, my prompts take me further into your so-called secure network. We chat some more and you comment on my command of the English language. I tell you that it has provided me the access to a good job such as the one I have now. “To help fix the problem wherever the trouble is” is the lie I use to explain my sincerity to the woman. To help my self is more the answer. Of course I do not tell her this. I have no conscience. To lie, cheat and steal is what I do to survive. I lie for a reason. Over and over through the years I was told how bad people are, especially Americans. They have so much money. It is right they lose it in such as easy way. So I study and learn how to speak and say good things to make people want to give me their most personal of information. And as always I tell them, “I am here to help”. Unsuspecting victims that use computers all over the globe are the tickets to my livelihood.

As we continue, I discover your business website and confide in you a wish to write someday as you do now. You speak to me now more in friendship. I continue to take the time to gain your trust. The lie is so easy for me. I have no conscience. It was taken from me a long time ago. “What we can do for you is this…” and I outline a plan to fix the security issues with your computer. There are no questions or surprise on your part. You seem quite happy knowing any malware or virus (as you think it is) is complete in the remedy I have provided. To finish my ruse, you decide on the warranty that I have outlined. To proceed and finish I will need your credit card information. (This next part happens without any concern from the woman). She seems in total agreement with the faux service I have provided with just enough information to ‘pull the wool over her eyes’.

The next and final part is easy, too easy. I tell her to sign using the online Doc U Sign which will secure the agreement in which her computer will be given attention should it need service. The wheels are in motion for the next part of the plan. Some time will be needed to elapse in order for the transaction to go smoothly and for there not to be any doubt of the sincerity in what I have provided. I have filled my quota for the day with no remorse for anything or anyone. Their loss is my gain. 

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I live to tell my story and the lies I must use in order to survive. There are people, my family, in this village who live in fear. I work for them, to keep them safe from the ones that threaten me daily with torture. Some days I am numb.


I cannot have a conscience because to do so I would fail. To fail would have my family suffer. So I cheat, steal and lie as I must do every day. The difference is I lie for a reason.