Peril on the High Seas by Debbie Curtin

Peril on the High Seas by Debbie Curtin

I felt that the most important and critical design element was the layout of each page. Overall it was a fun and interesting challenge and I hope you enjoy it!  If you'd like to order your copy ($10), please email me at


This may seem like a simple book without words. It did start with a simple idea about two cats who decide to go on an adventure by taking some unusual forms of transportation. However there is so much more to this. Anyone who opens the cover can use their own voice and discover their own story; young, old and speakers of any language.

It has a beginning, middle, and an end as any book should. This one needed to be short and sweet. Since there were only so many pages the challenge was to put in the most effective imagery per page. I had to do quite a bit of homework using many thumbnails sketches to depict the images in size and perspective to what was shown. I used online stock photos to gain knowledge of the ships I chose, the look of the pilot and how he pulled his bag, the size and actions of the cats, the taxi on multiple pages and approach to the airport, etc.

Meanwhile the paper needed to be thought through with color choices, texture, and patterns for the story pages. Old posters were flipped over and colors were splattered and splashed and sprinkled. Tools and random items were used to make patterns in the wet paint. Making enough of each color pattern was important as I could not afford to use it all up before getting to the last page. Then the real challenge began as every single piece and part of each page was cut out, even the tiniest of parts. Each page is balanced through to the end with the patterned colors and a small amount of color was added in select spots with magic marker.