Days 13 & 14

This piece is the final chapter of the continuation of Deb’s design challenge for the Manchester Chapter SOS Eagle Parade and Veteran’s Count. In the past weeks, Deb has chronicled her artistic process from concept to finished art piece. Her goal was to highlight the effort that is put into coming up with a design and how much one artist will go through by the time the piece is completed.

DAY 13
It’s sealant day and here I go! A smaller wooden toy chest used for stuff and kept in the garage was the best place to put the bird after first covering it with an old plastic shower curtain liner. We have a small kitchen scale so in order to be exact with the ratio of part 1 and part 2 of the sealant Steve came up with the idea of using a plastic cup and water. He put in water to equal a portion for part 1 then marked that on the cup and did the same for part 2. I put my hair up, rolled up my sleeves, donned the mask and gloves and prepared to mix. Everything used would need to be tossed out so I had to consider which junk brush I could part with. This was a no fuss task.

Ready – set – wait! Since I used a fair amount of permanent marker in so much of the detail Steve suggested I try the combination on the back of the base. As soon as I began to brush it over the Boston skyline where I had put the fine lines for the Zakem Bridge the ink started to run. I quickly grabbed an old rag and wiped it as best that I could.

We both looked at each other and said the same word. Now what do I do? Well, since the sealant was already mixed I figured I could at least do the bird since it was done entirely with paint and no marker. I was at a loss for the rest of the bird. Who do you call for advice at the last minute? It was my friend Anthony who was also painting an eagle and reminded me of a product we both used not too long ago. “The kiosk in Merrimack that we painted was sealed with Rustoleum Ultra Cover Clear Gloss sealant. Remember?” He said that he used it on his eagle and it was fine. Anthony has been painting forever as a profession; houses and buildings inside and out, as well as all styles of artwork and has used every imaginable paint product. He thought that what I used had a chemical reaction to the ink of the marker so I picked up a can of the Rustoleum sealant and delicately attempted to paint the eagle’s base and moved on and finished the rock. No further issues! Whew!

DAY 14 – The eagle has landed
The Icon Poly eagle was now finished with two different types of sealant. I had no idea if this would be a problem down the road. I hoped not. There was so much effort put into this bird that I couldn’t even think about it not withstanding time or the weather.

Three coats each of the two different sealants were now dry and I was ready to deliver the finished product.

I don’t know who sponsored this Boston Celtics themed bird or where it would be perched so the mystery is still out there. I’m happy it is finished and it came outpretty good overall. It’s like anything you put your best effort into. Sometimes things go without a hitch and sometimes something happens and you immediately start to sweat bullets. Then you regroup, think things through, come up with an alternative or another way to confront the issue and you win!

The 2017 Eagle Launch Party was held at the new Chunky’s Cinema and Pub in Manchester on June 7th. It was great to see my eagle perched on the bar in the Pub!

My adventure with the eagle is over for now. The summer and fall months will see the bird in its sponsor location through to the end of the year when the Veteran’s Count Auction takes places coincidentally on December 7th which commemorates Pearl Harbor Day.


I thought this year’s eagle was ‘one and done’ and was surprised when offered the opportunity to paint another themed eagle. This one will be for the Harley-Davidson company. I began, before meeting with anyone from the local dealership company, to look into the startup of HD and its young founders and reading the amazing historic timeline stories. There is so much that the average person doesn’t know (I didn’t know!) in its 114 years as a well-respected company. I was informed that when the eagle was finished it would be traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to be signed and returned to Manchester!

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The eagles for this project were manufactured by Icon Poly, a family owned company based in central Nebraska. Icon Poly started as a hobby of sculpting, sculpture point-up, and making fiberglass animals and sculptures by hand. In 1999, the company formed and began computerized sculpting, 3-D foam milling, laser digital sculpture enlargement, and a manufacturing process that accurately duplicates the likeness of sports and corporate mascots, make sophisticated trade show displays, and make multiple 3-D copies of a single design of paintable fiberglass sculptures for community art projects. With customer service and client satisfaction as top priorities, the company can bring even the simplest sketch or idea to reality using state of the art technology and the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials available. For more about Icon Poly, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about Veterans Count, visit their website. To learn more about Debbie Curtin and her projects, click here.