Tis' the Season

We are given opportunities that make a difference in a good way more often than not. Sometimes we notice those moments and sometimes they go by without another thought. One moment came to me last week.

Debbie Curtin Tis the Season

I needed to go to the American Legion Post 27 building located on Sargent Road. My military novel, Today is the Day, has been graciously put on display the last several months. I was dropping off more books, some added information and business cards. Bonnie helped me out and as I got ready to leave, one of two gentlemen who were seated there asked me about the book. He was a Vietnam Vet and we spoke about the young Airman who greatly inspired my writing. He also reflected on his life and told me of his wife’s recent passing. With Christmas and the holiday season it would be different and quiet he said. I handed him a copy of my book as he seemed quite interested. It was a gift. I wasn’t looking for any payment when he reached into his pocket. With determination he handed me a five dollar bill and I took it not wanting to insult his thoughtful and kind gesture. He left the building and I turned to Bonnie to ask if he was okay. She assured me that he was. I left soon after and headed to Shaw’s.

The day was a full one for me as I prepared for the InTown Holiday Market in Manchester to sell my art and books the following day. I forgot three items I needed to finish the dish I had to prepare in advance for a surprise birthday party that was to happen later on the same day. I didn’t have a minute to spare. I thought I had enough cash but realized it was left in another bag. One dollar and change is all I had. I sighed in exasperation. Suddenly I remembered something and pulled a five dollar bill out of my pocket. It was just enough and I smiled.

I prepped the casserole, finished the paintings I started at the last minute, packed up the car and got ready for the event. It was a long day that began quite early. The party was in full swing when we arrived around 5 o’clock. Diane was ecstatic in the clever ruse for her surprise dinner/birthday party. The catch to bringing a food dish was for each of us to prepare a little extra. They volunteer at a local food pantry/soup kitchen and her husband knew that a birthday wish she would love would be to bring over a gift of food already prepared from many hands.

Who knew how a gesture of kindness from one chance moment in Londonderry would help another’s cause in an intertwined spirit of giving back.