The Art Gypsies


The ArtGypsies use art to send a message, to beautify an undesirable area and to reach people. We know that the beauty of art is not medication, but it reaches within each person and causes a reaction, emotion, a purpose.

Our goal is to demonstrate what non-artists or the average person can do in appropriate circumstances given the chance to articulate feelings and emotions. Words, color, and the arrangements of shape and form all tell stories. The ArtGypsies can provide guidance to those willing to open their mind, body and spirit in expressing personal experiences, joys and regrets.

Personal reflection shown in writing stories, letters, poetry and in drawings or paintings can allow a person to unblock painful situations or to enjoy pleasant ones.

The ArtGypsies propose working with small groups of male and female veterans who carry a burden or wish to explore their time of service to our country by allowing the healing power of the arts in its varied forms to help towards a more positive outlook on life.



Debbie Curtin and Peg Lipin, the ArtGypsies